ISO1 - 5 lbs
ISO1 - 5 lbs
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ISO1 - 5 lbs


The most common forms of whey are whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Whey protein isolates digest and absorb rapidly and are, gram for gram, the purest form of protein available (90% pure protein). This level of purity is achieved through a cold cross-flow micro and ultra-filtration process that removes the larger, less-absorbable protein molecules while also filtering out fat, lactose, and ash that can be present in whey concentrates and substandard protein powders. Furthermore, this process does not denature the valuable proteins and peptides in whey, so the protein itself is of a higher quality. 

Whey protein isolate is commonly processed in two ways: ion exchange or cold-processed, cross-flow micro-filtration. To the unknowing buyer, you may think you’re getting a high-quality whey protein, but these two methods are not equal. The ion exchange process, used by many leading brands, selectively depletes several critical tiny molecules known as subfractions, it reduces the biological activity of the protein and it micronutrients which ultimately results in the denaturing (damaging) of the protein. 

Cold processed, Cross-flow micro-filtered Whey Protein Isolate is for those who want to ensure they are receiving a high-quality, pure protein supplement. Additionally, if you are lactose-intolerant or prefer gluten-free products, Cross-flow micro-filtered whey would be the best option.

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