300 g


Greens supplements are one of the food supplement categories in greatest demand and experiencing the strongest growth in the market. The reason is simple: Who loves vegetables at the point of not wanting to skip it? Premium Greens Superfood offers to consume in highly concentrated version a large amounts of vegetables, fruits and herbs essential every day.

Premium Greens SuperFood of Get Performance is a mixture of ingredients rich in phytochemicals allowing among others to increase the overall energy of the body.

With his distinctive blends of green food, Premium Greens Superfood supplies an extraordinary range of phytonutrients and antioxidant preventing of toxic effects due to free radicals. Each serving of Get performance Premium greens give you a significant dose of essential fatty acids which support cardiovascular health, neurological functioning, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels and much more. Is also contains probiotic and digestive enzyme that contributes to a natural healthy intestinal flora and a better assimilation of food.

Furthermore, Premium Greens helps to balance the ph of the body and reduce its acidity. When our body is in balance, our multiple self-regulatory mechanisms are able to operate in ideal conditions to effectively provide nutrients to our cells and for dissolve and remove waste produced by the body’s natural channels.

Premium Greens SuperFood from Get Performance makes your vegetables and fruits intake simple. Each serving of Premium Greens SuperFood provide 2 servings of fresh vegetables and 1 serving fresh fruits with delicious fruit punch tasting, allowing to your body to fulfill your daily greens recommended intake in only one serving.

Whatever your training goal is, when it comes to your health there is no compromise to do. Premium Greens SuperFood is the key product for you!

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