500 ml


There is no diet without detox!

In our days, world is increasingly surrounded by pollution and toxic agent. Almost everything without exception is affected by. Our air, water, and soil are more polluted each year and it’s not going to change yet. We eat foods we know aren’t good for us, and many of our foods are sprayed with pesticides. Our digestive and eliminative systems are overworked from environmental toxins and the effects of our lifestyle. On top of that, we’re busier and more stressed than ever. This toxic build-up can lead to weight gain, excess bloating, carb cravings, suppressed metabolism, unstable blood sugar and fatigue.

Cleaning your “total body” with Premium Detox is the perfect start to support its natural ability to remove toxins and promote your health and energy levels. Premium Detox is a complete cleansing and detoxifying cure for intestinal tract, liver, biliary and urinary. This gentle formula and non-irritating to the intestine has been developed for both men and women and promotes a healthy and not purgative cleansing.

Premium Detox is formulated with 8 high quality plants traditionally used as a diuretic and to aid digestion. Moreover, it contains burdock extracts and milk thistle to cleanse the blood and promote healthy liver, and Cascara Sagrada, a bark rich in oils that promote the colon peristaltic action (all muscle contrations). In addition, Total Detox contains Dandelion root and leaf Boldo that support liver function and accelerates the bile secretion.

Premium Detox is the solution to detoxify your system for a slim healthy body!

Premium Detox from Get Performance helps your body to stay healthy. Highly concentrated in key plants, each serving of Premium Detox gives you 8220mg of pure cleansing, allowing your body to remove toxins and promote your health and energy levels