500 ml


The virtues of Omega-3 fatty acids are proven to be beneficial and are well-known to the public since the 90s. Research shows their importance for the physical, mental and heart health, making them essential to any athlete as well as non-athletes. Like vitamins and minerals, omega-3 must be supplied by our diet as it is not produced by our bodies.

Omega-3 fatty acids are especially responsible for the proper functioning of the cellular membrane which plays an important role in the exchange of nutrients but also of carbon dioxide, hormones and oxygen allowing normal cellular activity, thus making it essential to normal cell health.

Omega-3 fatty acids regulate many bodily processes, such as inflammation, heart disease, immune system response and neurological functioning.

Unfortunately, over time our diet has been subjected to several major changes, that the vast majority of us are not consuming enough omega-3 fatty acids through diet alone.

Highly concentrated in EPA/DHA, each serving of Liquid Omega-3 gives you 4620mg of pure omega-3 with a delicious orange flavour, allowing to your body to fulfill your daily omega-3 recommended intake in only one teaspoon.

Whatever your training goal may be, when it comes to your health, there is no compromise to make. Liquid Omega-3 is the key product for you!

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