10 lbs


Depending of your lifestyle, it may be hard to hit your daily calorie quota which can result in disapointing muscular growth. Depending on your body type and your goals, you may have to eat tremendous amount of food to get all the calories you need to perform well. However, Get Performance™ as always has you covered with GET BIG. The mass gainer that knows that you need to eat big to get big! Engineered to support muscular growth combined with intense training, you will see results you've never seen before because GET BIG makes sure your body is always well fed to maximised your energy potential!


GET BIG's unique high quality formula is high in carbohydrates, calcium, potassium and proteins but more importantly in calories. Every heaping scoop contains 160 g carbohydrates, 60% daily value of calcium, 500 g of potassium, 50 g of high quality protein and 920 calories!

What makes GET BIG even more unique is the use of quinoa and sweet potatoes as carbohydrate source!


Not commonly known on the market, those 2 ingredients are incredibly popular in diets and we at Get Performance™ always makes sure that our products yields results with or without an extra diet on the side. GET BIG gives you everything you need to gain mass without empty ingredients and as always, with a delicious taste!

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